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Ginny Cummings

CEO & Co-founder LifeDept, Inc.

“Marc does an incredible job of pulling out the exact info you want to know from his guests.”

Mark Style

Founding Principal of “On the Mark Advisors”

“The Best Business Minds with Marc Kramer is a weekly “must see” event. I learn something new each and every time.”

Deborah Adeyemi-Boboye

Founder/CEO of Deborah’s Perspective

“I stumbled upon "The Best Business Minds" while searching for a "bare-bones-forget-the-bells-and-whistles-take-me-straight-to-the-good-stuff" podcast filled with valuable insight. The first episode I listened to featured Shep Hyken, author of "Moments of Magic." He and Marc sucked me into an eye-opening conversation on customer service. Realizing the gaps in my own business' customer experience, I immediately went to make adjustments in my 'prospect to client' process. One of the direct benefits I've gotten since taking action is the exceptionally better success I've had with networking and making genuine business connections. I now engage with prospects with confidence and friendship, knowing that I have a system that will take care of them every step of the way and build that crucial 'know-like-trust' factor.”


Founder/CEO of Compass Clover Communications

As you know it can be lonely being an entrepreneur, and especially in a pandemic lock-down. Your sessions each give me a much needed dose of  professional interactions, even though they're one-way


Marc Kramer has almost single-handedly done the near-impossible: Make a smaller market like Philadelphia very attractive to angel capital (and no t just in the health sciences.) 

Marc takes his responsibility to be of service to the community of investors and founders seriously. So when the pandemic struck in early 2020, he saw in it not disaster, but an opportunity to secure high-quality speakers,  who were also stuck at home,  for the Angel Venture Network. He’s attracted some of the brightest minds in the investment world to speak to the group, enlightening and informing us with his speaker selection and incisive interview style.

Bill McLaughlin

President of McLaughlin & Morgan, Inc.

Marc’s webinar hosting skills are right at the top. He doesn’t insert himself into the discussion, but rather listens to the guest speaker, and asks questions that naturally come to a good listener’s mind. He doesn’t follow a script, and you can tell he has done his preparation prior to doing the interview, by making himself knowledgeable about the topic and by reading the author’s book.


President/CEO, Naturaz

Your forum is really helpful and I'm sure many people are benefiting from all the knowledge being shared. It's a great service - Thank you!


Managing Director, Marsh

DUDE! How do you get all the best speakers?! I am rapidly becoming hooked on your material. I told you I am the world’s biggest business book / non-fiction book nerd!

Mim O'Flynn

Founder, The Elephant Hive

“I learned about Marc's Friday events through EI's New Frontiers program - the national program for entrepreneur development here in Ireland. The first event I attended was an interview with Michael Kanaan, Author of T-Minus AI. It was fascinating and inciteful and I was hooked! Marc is a master at putting his guests at ease and asking great questions, while at the same time allowing his audience to participate by asking theirs. Marc gives generously of his time in this and many other free events, and by doing so, supports entrepreneurs like myself from all around the globe These informal chats provide a rare opportunity to learn from and have access to authors and do'ers at the top in their fields. If you want to expand your knowledge, I'd highly recommend tuning in (#lifelonglearning)! ”

Alli Mang

4-time Author and Host/Executive Producer of When Every Minute Counts

“In today’s world where there are so many podcasts and hosts of shows, it’s a challenge just to know who to devote time to. I strongly suggest you take time out of your busy schedule for Marc Kramer’s shows with his elite class of guest. The experience of spending time with him will not leave you where it found you. Recently, I had the grand pleasure of listening to Marc facilitate one of the most intriguing podcasts from his series, Best Business Minds. The hour spent listening was truly a masterclass on the art of conversation, and on how to bring out the most poignant, solution-based answers from industry experts. Marc’s career and his vast series of books and podcasts are geared toward igniting inspiration to help as many people as possible advance their thinking - in the shortest amount of time. I thank you Marc! You’ve gained one more devoted client and volunteer affiliate to spread the word about the power of your platform.”

Victor Fabry

CEO at Greylock Advisors, LLC

"This weekly zoom event is always informative and educational"


Board Member at Drexel University Online

I really enjoy your Best Business Minds interviews. You do a great job interviewing interesting people with interesting skills and experiences. Well done.


President/CEO, LevLane

Thank you, Marc, for leading another interesting session. I was able to extract one nice idea from our speaker. Well worth my time. I hope others also got their one new idea.


JR, DataKoolGreen

I wanted to thank you for your hard work and efforts to deliver education, content, collaboration and Marc Kramer keeping us all together in a temporary situation where we cannot be in the same room together.  Your creativity, passion and caring is noticed and appreciated.


President, Alltham

Very worthwhile, and I like the sense of community, seeing the other participants, or at least their names.  Also think you are an excellent interviewer. And good to get to know who the players are in various fields in the Philadelphia ecosystem.  But also nice to get special guests like these once in a while.


CIO, Lux Global Label Company

The sign of a great interview is when we (the audience) get everything out of the interviewee and it all happens so naturally (effortlessly). That's your skill and I feel like we have no idea how high the ceiling is for this side business of yours. Move over Oprah, Ellen, Howard Stern!

Adam Jones


“I honestly enjoy getting the email each week, sometimes twice a week, from Marc inviting us to his podcast "The Best Business Minds." I never really know what the topic will be, or if it would pertain to me or my business, but they are consistently engaging conversations! Sometimes they even bring added value by influencing how I approach fundraising, culture, sales, and a whole slew of other things! It is well worth my time to look into it every week. If I find it isn't for me, I listen for a few minutes and wait for next week's. :)”

Michael Kutner

Founder and President, Distilled Leadership

“Marc Kramer takes interesting guests, adds provocative questions and delivers an interview with both humor and edginess. What we get is a great interview that’s informative, fast-paced and inspiring.”

Sid Amster

Angel Investor

"Learning by listening to thought leaders helps me greatly improve my business. Marc’s Q+A sessions and the ability to pass my own questions to Marc for his speaker (through chat) lets me drill down into a response worth every minute of his shows."

Marcia Zaruba-O’Connor

President & CEO, The O’Connor Group.

Marc Kramer’s podcasts are spot on! Being a busy CEO, time is precious. I know when I register for his podcast that I will learn something new that I can use in my business and in life! Marc really knows what questions to ask to really dig down into what the listeners want to hear. Keep them coming Marc!


Co-Founder at ZSX Medical, LLC

Marc and his guests share that instant rapport that develops between an author and interviewer, when the latter has actually read their book. Much to the relief of the fellow entrepreneurs in his listening audience, Marc keeps the chit-chat to a minimum and when he declares “Let’s get down to business,” they do.


Esquire, Law Office of Michael E. Adler

I have been a regular attendee and I always find them entertaining and extremely worthwhile. Over the past few months, Marc has brought together an impressive selection of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and authors, and provides his online audience with unique access to the insights of thought leaders on a wide variety of business topics, such as leadership, mindfulness, diversity & inclusion and mentoring. His compelling interviews demonstrate his own preparedness and his decades of experience of teaching, mentoring and investing in entrepreneurs and family-owned multi-generational businesses, while maintaining his witty sense of humor and humility.

Keep up the great work!

Kevin Connor

Principal, Modern Strategic Branding + Communications

“Marc Kramer’s Best Business Minds series is a gift to EVERYONE during the current pandemic. I have a pen and paper EVERY session as taking notes to “chew on” later is a free takeaway. Terrific investment of time for us now and the better professionals we’re all becoming.””


Founder/CEO, BloomTime

I wanted to thank you for continuing to organize educational opportunities for Philly's entrepeneurial community during these challenging times. I found the talks today and yesterday to be incredibly worthwhile, much like previous, in-person events you've organized.