Interview Schedule

Upcoming events

8/26/2022 Noon (EDT) Cass Bailey "Pay Attention"
9/9/2022 Noon (EDT) Jeffrey A. Krames The Joe Biden Way
9/16/2022 Noon (EDT) Julie Henry Wisdom from the Wild
9/23/2022 Noon (EDT) Julie Winkle Giulioni Promotions are So Yesterday
9/30/2022 Noon (EDT) Diana Jones Leadership Levers
10/7/2022 Noon (EDT) Gary Crotaz Idea Mindset
10/14/222 Noon (EDT) Jacqueline Carter Compassionate Leadership
10/21/2022 Noon (EDT) Michael Meyer Ben Franklin Bets
10/28/2022 Noon (EDT) Bill Berman Influence and Impact
11/4/2022 Noon (EDT) Roberta Matuson The Great Refusal to Work is a Lie
11/11/2022 Noon (EDT) Kelly McDonald It's Time to Talk About Race at Work
11/18/2022 Noon (EDT) Mike Useem The Edge
11/22/2022 Noon (EDT) Neil Malhotra Frontiers in Social Innovation
12/2/2022 Noon (EDT) Peter Desberg and Jeffrey Davis Pitch Like Hollywood
12/9/2022 Noon (EDT) Rich Diviney The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance
12/16/2022 Noon (EDT) Kristin Zhivago Road Map to Revenue
12/23/2022 Noon (EDT) Ruth Gotian The Success Factor
1/6/2023 Noon (EDT) Scott Miller Master Mentors
1/13/2023 Noon (EDT) Nathalie Nahai Website Branding for Small Businesses
1/20/2023 Noon (EDT) Gabe Karp Don't Get Mad at Penquins
1/27/2023 Noon (EDT) Ed Chambliss One-Legged Stool
2/3/2023 Noon (EDT) Todd Kashdan The Art of Insubordination
2/10/2023 Noon (EDT) Peter Compo The Emergent Approach to Strategy
2/17/2023 Noon (EDT) Donna Kennedy-Glans Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance
2/24/2023 Noon (EDT) Sterling Hawkins How Discomfort leads to Innovation
3/3/2023 Noon (EDT) Julie Winkle Giulioni Promotions are So Yesterday
3/10/2023 Noon (EDT) Martin Groover The Speed of Advance
3/17/2023 Noon (EDT) Michael Kurland Broken to Better
3/24/2023 Noon (EDT) Jill Lublin
3/31/2023 Noon (EDT) Jackie Insinger Spark Brillance
4/7/2023 Noon (EDT) Patricia Pulliam Phillips Ph.D. and Jack J. Phillips Ph.D. Show the Value of What You Do 
4/14/2023 Noon (EDT) Bill George Emerging Leaders Edition of True North 
4/21/2023 Noon (EDT) Don Schmincke
4/28/2023 Noon (EDT) Jennifer Brown How to Be an Inclusive Leader 
5/5/2023 Noon (EDT) Dr. Debbie Sutherland The Business of Ambiguity
5/12/2023 Noon (EDT) Nicolai Chen Nielsen Return to Ambition
5/19/2023 Noon (EDT) Jeannie Diefenderfer How Human-Centered CEOs Fuel Performance
6/2/2023 Noon (EDT) Robert Jordan Navigating Company Turmoil & Growing Pains