Guest Comments

Jeffrey Davis

Author of “Pitch Like Hollywood”

“Being interviewed by Marc Kramer is like having a conversation with an old friend. He draws his guests out with a signature mixture of humor, empathy, and authenticity rare in the world of podcasts.”

Jim McKelvey

Co-founder of Square (Box) and author of “The Innovation Stack”

“Marc is a true professional: well-prepared, curious and fun. I had a blast doing this show.”

Lele Sang

Co-author of “Winning in China”

“It was a pleasure to be on Marc’s podcast. I had a great conversation with him and especially appreciated his thought-provoking questions. The audience from all over the world was active and deeply engaged- we didn’t have time to answer all the questions! Again, a wonderful experience!”

Dan Gingiss

Author of "The Experience Maker"

"Marc is a thoughtful interviewer who really educated himself on me and my book beforehand so he could ask timely, relevant questions. I really enjoyed the conversation and am now eager to listen to his other interviews!"

Rob Lachenauer and Josh Baron

Authors of “Harvard Business Review Family Business Hand Book"

“It’s terrific to be interviews by someone who has spent so much time and thought in preparing what turned out to be a great conversation. Marc read our entire book (and apparently hundreds of other business books) and then thoughtfully picked topics to discuss with us. It was an engaging conversation for us, the authors, and we hope for the listeners, too. Highly recommend!”

Shellye Archambeau

Author of "Unapologetically Ambitious"

“I had a great conversation with Marc Kramer on his "Featuring the World's Best Business Books" podcast. He does his homework, is engaging and enjoyable. Highly recommend for business authors."

Dr. Michael Platt

Author of “The Leader’s Brain.”

"I had a great time on Best Business Minds with Marc Kramer. He's a terrific interviewer who can really tease out important insights and engage his many viewers. I really appreciated the platform to connect with Marc's viewers."

Tiffani Bova

Chief growth evangelist at Salesforce and the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book "GROWTH IQ"

"Marc’s an avid reader and an inquisitive mind. It was a pleasure to be a guest on his podcast and share in the discussion about the paths businesses take to grow and why timing and sequence in every decision matters."

Michelle Seiler Tucker

Author of “Exit Rich"

"Best Business Podcast, Best Business Host"


Author of "Why Globalization Works for America: How Nationalist Trade Policies Are Destroying Our Country"

Again thank you. Two things particularly stood out from our interview. First, was your research and the depth of your questions. You took the time to study my book and ask the most informative questions. The second was your kindness and consideration especially when my wife got ill and we had to postpone the first interview.


Author of "Friday Forward: Inspiration & Motivation to End Your Week Stronger Than It Started"

Marc puts a lot of time and thought into making this show a great experience for guests. The show has a unique and compelling format, and Marc asks great questions to get beyond basic talking points. And having viewers on video watching the show adds great audience engagement.


Author of "The Art and Business of Online Writing: How to Beat the Game of Capturing and Keeping Attention."

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Marc on The Best Business Minds podcast. His questions were unique, the live audience component was so much more engaging than other podcasts I've spoken on, and we covered a wide range of topics in a short amount of time. To any industry leader: if you have the opportunity to chat with Marc on his show, take it!


Author of "Eat, Sleep, Innovate: How to Make Creativity an Everyday Habit Inside Your Organization."

It was a pleasure to join Marc Kramer on the Best Business Minds. Marc augmented his own thoughtful questions with curated contributions from the diverse audience, making it a lively, interactive discussion.


Author of "Selling Is Hard. Buying Is Harder: How Buyer Enablement Drives Digital Sales and Shortens the Sales Cycle."

Unlike some other podcasters I've worked with, Marc's questions show that he actually read my book. His questions were deeper and went farther than others and the conversation was engaging. I really enjoyed being on The Best Business Minds.


Co-author of "Barefoot Spirit"

Marc’s thoughtful questions were evidence of his diligent homework on our history and business principles. They enabled us to provide his audience with tools they can use in their businesses. Marc is well organized, easy to work with, and comes with an impressive audience of business leaders. Many have followed up with us already!


Author "People Powered"

It was a genuine pleasure coming on Marc's show, not just due to the deep, insightful, interesting discussion he facilitated, but also Marc's preparedness and professionalism. He is a true pro!


Author of "How to Listen and How to Be Heard: Inclusive Conversations at Work"

Marc is a prepared interviewer and is not afraid to ask hard-hitting questions. He provides a space for the author to share their knowledge and for the live audience to participate. He also shares his professional experiences to further the discussion.


Author of "Out-Innovate:How Global Entrepreneurs from Delhi to Detroit-Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley

Thank you Marc for the fund discussion with The Best Business Minds podcast. Marc prepared a thoughtful discussion and a follow-up book review, both of which I enjoyed. I look forward to many more conversations together!

Nova Lorraine

Author of “Unleash Your SuperNova”

“I truly enjoyed being on your show. It was one of my favorite interviews so far!! Kudos to you and all that you are doing for the community. I really appreciate you and look forward to finding ways to continue to support each other.”

Mitch Weiss

Author of “We the Possibility”

“Marc’s genuine curiosity about the topic made conversation with him easy and exciting. We covered a ton of material in a short amount of time because Marc was so up to speed on it.”

Allan Adamson

Author of “Shift Ahead”

“My interview with Marc Kramer was delightful. Marc, unlike most, was exceptionally well prepared. His knowledge and perspective on the subject allowed the conversation to flow smoothly. His questions enabled us to explore many dimensions of how to shift business ahead successfully.”

Allan Adamson

Author of “Shift Ahead”

“My interview with Marc Kramer was delightful. Marc, unlike most, was exceptionally well prepared. His knowledge and perspective on the subject allowed the conversation to flow smoothly. His questions enabled us to explore many dimensions of how to shift business ahead successfully.”

Kent Billingsley

Author of "Entrepreneur To Millionaire”

“What is great about being on Marc Kramer’s show is his knowledge, preparations, and depth of questions. First of all, Marc actually read my book and could map it into his existing knowledge of being a business guru and business book author. Second, his preparation of sending me the 15-20 questions before the event he would like to cover. That allowed me time to prepare and add layers to the answers. And finally, his depth of questions, pulling from different chapters some of the most complex points to uncover with his audience.”

Jeff Koser

Author of “Selling to Zebras”

“Marc’s business acumen and inquisitive mind are a perfect combination for podcasts. He asks the question that are on most listeners minds, and the ones they don’t think go ask.”

Jeff Butler

Author of “A Workplace Strategist who Bridges Generational Differences"

Marc was extremely prepared and put together thoughtful questions in an original way to ensure the interview went smoothly as possible.

Shannon Huffman Polson

Author of “The Grit Factor"

I enjoyed every minute of the conversation with Marc and his audience on Best Business Minds. His questions were considered and engaging, and the audience was deeply engaged. What a pleasure to discuss The Grit Factor in context of the challenges of today with such thoughtful people.

Peter McGraw

Author of “Shtick to Business”

Marc Kramer is a total pro. Not only did he ask me great questions, he actually read my book! His live audience is a thoughtful group. It was a great experience, and I hope to do again if ever write another book...


Author of "Develop: 7 Practical Tools to Take Charge of Your Career."

Thank you for the opportunity to appear on The Best Business Minds podcast. Marc Kramer is a skillful interviewer who takes the time to highlight the insights of his guests in a relaxed, conversational style.


Author of "The Shopping Revolution: How Successful Retailers Win Customers in an Era of Endless Disruption"

I enjoyed my interview with Mark Kramer on "The Best Business Minds." He is a very prepared interviewer and asked insightful questions. The resulting conversation touching on many important issues related to the "retail apocalypse.


Author of "The Customer Centricity Playbook: Implement a Winning Strategy Driven by Customer Lifetime Value."

Thanks Marc – that was lots of fun, and I’m pleased by the many emails I’ve already received from participants. I do a lot of interviews, etc., but this was a particularly good response – which means that it was a particularly good job by the interviewer!


Author of "T-Minus AI"

Marc approaches his interviews with a level of diligence and thoughtfulness that is second-to-none! His audience is engaged, informed, and inquisitive. One of my favorite Podcast experiences!


Author of "The Mind of a Leader"

I truly enjoyed working with Marc and joining The Best Business Minds podcast. Marc was extremely professional and very well prepared for our discussion. He asked relevant and thought-provoking questions which made for a rich, engaging and informative interview. I highly recommend his podcast to other authors / business leaders.


Author of the "Startup Mindset"

Marc is a superb interviewer. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Marc for an episode of The Best Business Minds focusing on my book New Startup Mindset. Marc's questions were exquisitely well thought out and perfectly sequenced. His questions also showed a deep understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to build a business. I've given many interviews lately, and Marc's stands out as one of the best.


Author of "Infinite Gamification"

I really enjoyed my interview on Best Business Minds: Business Book Authors - Marc had read the book and asked super Interesting  questions. I particularly liked the zoom  format as the audience were often pitching in with their questions too. Made it engaging and kept us both on our toes!! Great fun. Highly recommend.


Author: Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success

Marc invited me to appear on his webcast Best Business Minds to be interviewed about my book Be Different! The Key to Busines and Career Success. He asked insightful questions and was very effective in encouraging me to reveal the basis for my leadership philosophies. I have been interviewed many times, and found Marc to be the consummate professional.

Michael Useem

Wharton Professor and author of “The Edge”

“Marc Kramer presents great questions and compelling observations for those eager to make a management and leadership difference in their enterprise.”

Raja Rajamannar

Author of “Quantum Marketing”

“The Best Business Minds hosted by Marc Kramer is a great show to raise the visibility of your book. I like the fact he has a live audience. Marc has an international following, asks substantive questions because he actually reads the books of the authors he interviews and does a good job of mixing his questions with the audiences questions.”

Mauro F. Guillen

Author of “2030"

"Marc Kramer is the quintessential host. He makes you feel at home with the audience. Phenomenal."

Josh Linker

Author of "Big Little Breakthroughs"

"Marc Kramer's Best Business Minds was one of the best conversations I've had in a long time. Marc is an exceptional host who takes the time to know the material, asking thoughtful questions to spark an insightful dialog. The live, interactive format was outstanding. I really enjoyed interacting with the audience of business leaders around the world. All in, the program is first-rate and high-value. I'd highly recommend teaming up with Marc if you have the opportunity."

Jerry Zimmerman

Author of “Relentless"

“I have been fortunate to do a number of TV, radio, YouTube, and podcast interviews on my book, Relentless: The Forensics of Mobsters’ Business Practices. Marc is by far the best. He read the entire book, and got to the essential elements. He structured the interview so the listeners were able to fully understand the book’s major insights and key takeaways. Great job!!!!”

Margot Morrell

Author of “Shackleton’s Way"

“An author’s life doesn’t get any better than chatting with a great interviewer and engaged audience. Thanks so much for the invitation to share Shackleton’s Way on “The Best Business Minds.”

Markus Kramer

Author of "The Guiding Purpose Strategy"

It was a pleasure being interviewed by someone who actually read my book in depth and gave a lot of thought to the questions. I loved being part of Marc's live global show and how he blended his thought with the audience's questions. It made for a very rich, engaging discussion that helped move the community forward.

Susanna Camp and Jonathan Littman

Authors of “Entrepreneur’s Faces"

"The Best Business Minds" Podcast is a show that should not be missed. Marc does his homework on you as an author and thoughtfully dissects your book. His questions are mindful, interesting, and push you as an author to bring you A game to the audience. I highly recommend this show for guests and audience members alike!

Darius Mirshahzadeh

Author of "The Core Value Equation"

""The Best Business Minds" Podcast is a show that should not be missed. Marc does his homework on you as an author and thoughtfully dissects your book. His questions are mindful, interesting, and push you as an author to bring you A game to the audience. I highly recommend this show for guests and audience members alike!"


Author of "What Girls Need: How to Raise Bold, Courageous, and Resilient Women"

I joined Marc's show for a book talk shortly after my new book, What Girls Need, launched. He was an engaged host and led a lively discussion that was fun and informative for all involved. Thank you, Marc, for helping spread the lessons of my book and share the message of What Girls Need with a wide audience!


Author of "Global Content Marketing: How to Create Great Content, Reach More Customers, and Build a Worldwide Marketing Strategy that Works"

Marc's a fantastic interviewer! He does his homework and asks relevant and effective questions that his listeners will benefit. A great show!


Author of "Work Tribes: The Surprising Secret to Breakthrough Performance, Astonishing Results, and Keeping Teams Together."

In a sea of podcasts, Marc's Best Business Minds brings in thought leaders who are actually making a difference. Why are they making a difference? Because they share their experiences from the trenches. You can't get that kind of real insight from people who think about business.


Author of "Ditch the Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success."

From start to finish, Marc's professional approach made being a guest on his Best Business Podcast easy. The questions were deeper than surface level, and as a result, we got through a lot of material. His live audience was interactive, and I received multiple follow-ups from those who attended. It's definitely a show I would refer my friends to.


Author of "Speaking to Influence"

Marc is the perfect interview host: he thoroughly did his homework and read my whole book beforehand so he knew EXACTLY what he wanted to ask for the benefit of his specific audience. His questions were intentional but his style was still conversational, and he found just the right balance between sticking to his intended questions and giving me some latitude as the guest -- even as I shifted gears a few times to have the Zoom audience participate in a few quick exercises to illustrate some points. We had a great time and audience feedback during and after made it abundantly clear that they did too. Have a chance to listen in? Do it. Have a chance to be a guest on his show? By all means, do that too!


Harvard Business School Professor and Author of “Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage”

Coming on to the Best Business Minds podcast to speak with Marc was a pleasure. Marc prepared excellent questions that were both insightful and thought-provoking. It was clear that Marc had read my book and other research in advance, carefully directing the flow of questions and topics, while also allowing for free-flowing conversation at times. Taken together, this was a highly enjoyable interview – not only for me, but also, I expect, for Marc’s followers and podcast listeners.


partner, MGStrategy, and author of Five Frequencies: Leadership Signals that Turn Culture into Competitive Advantage (Logos) and Leadership without Excuses: How to Create Accountability and High Performance

I had a blast talking to Marc. He’s a thoughtful, prepared interviewer. He asked great questions. He has great instincts for knowing what’s practical, relevant, and provocative for his audience.

Jordan Goldrich

Author of "Workplace Warrior: People Skills for the No-Bullshit Executive"

I am honored to be a guest on Best Business Minds. Marc read my whole book and asked questions that allowed us to deeply explore important concepts for leaders. Because of his knowledge, pre-work and skills, the interview was very conversational. My colleagues tell me it was entertaining as well.